Marathi Bhaashaa Olympiad

Marathi Bhaashaa Olympiad is a unique regional language Olympiad in India, held annually for over a decade for school students in Maharashtra and Goa. The exam is designed to support the curriculum and nurture a love for language through interesting application based questions. It is organized by the Bhaashaa Foundation.

Eligibility for the examination

Students from Standards 3 to 9 are eligible to participate in this Olympiad. This extracurricular activity aims to promote interest in the Marathi language among students in an engaging manner. Principals and teachers of all schools are encouraged to motivate their students to take part in the Olympiad.

Footprint of Marathi Bhaashaa Olympiad

The Marathi Bhaashaa Olympiad, which began in 2015, has since garnered enthusiastic participation from schools and students across Maharashtra and Goa. Since its inception, the consistently growing enrollment has included students from rural, urban, and semi-urban areas of Maharashtra. Till date, more than 35,000 students have taken part in this innovative examination. The exam is designed on the principles of constructivism to enhance students’ knowledge, comprehension, application, and skills.

About Bhaashaa Foundation

The Bhaashaa Foundation is a non-profit, voluntary organization dedicated to preserving and promoting regional languages. Founded in 2008 by writer and journalist Mrs. Swati Raje, it aims to create awareness, interest, and love for languages in both children and adults through innovative means.

Important Dates - Marathi Bhaashaa Olympiad 2024-25

Date of commencement of examination1st or 2nd week of October as per the schools’ convenience
Duration of Examination1:30 Hr
Last Date of Receipt of Application31 July 2024
Download Application Form परीक्षार्थी नोंदणी पत्रक २०२४-२५
Download Rulebook परीक्षेची नियमावली २०२४-२५


The last date to submit the duly filled application form is July 31st.

The examination is open to students from Standards 3 to 9 of all Boards (SSC, ICSE & CBSE)
The examination is scheduled for the first or second week of October as per the convenience of schools. .
The examination will be conducted on the premise of participating schools.
Examination Fee is 250/- including a study material specially designed for each standard.
Examination will include descriptive and objective questions designed as per the linguistic ability of each standard. Syllabus, Practice Workbook and Supplementary Reading Story Books will be provided by the Bhaashaa Foundation.
Yes. First 25 students from each standard will get medals. And first 10 students from each standard will get a prize. Teachers will also be recognised for their commitment.


मराठी ऑलिंपियाड या परीक्षेकरीता आमच्या शाळेमधून प्रथमच विद्यार्थी बसले. विद्यार्थ्यांना वेगळ्या परीक्षेचा अनुभव मिळाला. यातून विद्यार्थी स्वयं अध्ययन शिकले, छोटे -छोटे बारकावे ही शिकले. सामान्य ज्ञानावर आधारित प्रश्न कशा स्वरूपाचे असतात हाही वेगळा अनुभव मिळाला.
जे विद्यार्थी या परीक्षेस बसले नव्हते त्यांनाही असे वाटू लागले की, आपण संधी गमावली आता पुढच्या वर्षी आपणही जास्तीत जास्त संख्येने या परीक्षेस बसू. आपली मराठी संस्कृती व मराठी भाषा जतन करण्यासाठी विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी ही एक चांगलीच संधी उपलब्ध झाली असे म्हणणे पालक स्तरातूनही आले.
वर्षा रांगोळे
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