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Swati Jaideep Raje President

How to keep a language alive? It cannot be put in a preservative! To keep the language alive, it should be used to its maximum and this should continue in generations to come. Language flows hand-in-hand with art & culture.

We considered all these aspects before conceiving Bhaashaa. We realized that to ensure the existence of a language after 25 years, we must begin now, 25 years earlier. So it was obvious that we would have to start with children. If we can get children to enjoy a language they would carry the language forward and enrich it further.
Along with the academic perspective, language also has a vibrant popular outlook. We always organize our programmes around this sentiment.

These days, children consider language as a tool to score in exams. To wipe out this misconception and to impress upon them, that the language is a way of life, BHAASHAA organizes a Marathi Bhaashaa Olympiad.

At Bhaashaa Foundation, we always consider local to global spectrum. We organize national and international seminars with the aim of strengthening language research.

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