International Academic Conference 2023

International Academic Conference 2023


December 1, 2023 - December 2, 2023    
All Day


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Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics
Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune, India., Pune, Maharashtra, 411001
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Over the past fifteen years, Bhaashaa’s work has connected academic discussions, professional interactions and brainstorming with implementation and action at the grassroots level. This international conference aims to gain a perspective on borders in lives and literature.
Calling on scholars, academics, practitioners, performers and artists from India and abroad, this conference presents a unique opportunity to situate this conversation in India. We also welcome inputs from counsellors, psychologists, practitioners. This conference aims to get a better understanding of what borders mean to us, advantages, possible pitfalls in living in a multilingual global world, and how that interacts on a cognitive as
well as a social level.

Call for Paper:
Since the dawn of civilisation, borders have shaped spaces, lives, and humanity. These
threads have permeated through our consciousness and progress, creating, changing andweaving a rich tapestry of culture and literature around them. Borders have been central tocross-cultural dialogue and interaction, making them extremely fertile grounds for creation.
Right from the Arabian Nights created along the Silk Route to the diverse regional literaturealong the length and the breadth of India, these borders have connected and enriched lives
throughout history.
Today, as the world moves closer towards being a multicultural global village, the role of
these borders in promoting cross-cultural interactions, dialogues and literature has becomeever more complex and important.
Celebrating life and literature today means paying homage to these fountainheads of lifeand creativity which allow not only for distinctiveness in identity but also the creation of adynamic, colourful and multicultural humanity.
Through this conference we want to explore the role of these ‘borders’, these fluid lines that
shape human existence. The conference will encourage participants to look beyond the ideaof borders as delineating or limiting lines and will lead them towards exploring and reexamining
borders as a living, breathing entity responsible for the multifaceted, complex
and colourful literature that enriches our lives in the globalised world of today.
We invite scholars, researchers, students, and practitioners working on related topics andissues to present their thoughts at this conference through papers and presentations. Thepaper could be presented around the following themes:
● Borders as Fountainheads of Civilisations
● Literature on Borders
● Time, Borders and Human Progress
● Celebrating India: Regional Borders and Literature
● Re-examining the Existence of ‘Borders’ in a Globalised Worlds
● Crossing Borders: Translations, Transliterations, and Multicultural Writing
● Borders, Travel and Immigration: The Creation of a ‘Melting Pot’ of Literature
● Contested Creations: Borders, Conflicts and Literature
● Literature Beyond Borders of Genre, Gender, and Languages


Bookings are closed for this event.

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